Station to Station is the Business Improvement District for Tulse Hill and West Norwood

The Business Improvement District was voted on by local businesses in a ballot held on 27th July 2016. Over 75% of businesses who voted said yes to a BID.

The BID is funded and run by local businesses, with a small part time team managing its projects. It will invest more than £700,000 into the local area over the five year term and will also work to attract additional funding from external bodies.

Station to Station Business Improvement District is dedicated to making West Norwood and Tulse Hill a great place to live, work and play. It will work to draw visitors and businesses from across London, as well as encouraging residents and employees to support their local businesses.

Our theme groups focus on raising the profile of the area, growing your businesses and making sure the public realm is one of the best in Lambeth.


Thames Water Compensation for loss of business profits

Calculation of financial impact of roadworks on businesses

Station to Station BID is gathering information on how Thames Water’s roadworks might impact local businesses. In order to calculate if there is business disruption, Thames Water & Lambeth will require weekly / monthly turnover and takings.

We are looking for participants to provide anonymised sales data (% change only).  This will be the same information that both Lambeth Council and Thames Water are requesting for business rates relief and compensation – but if you submit this data to Noggin Ltd, the independent analysis company we have contracted, we can use the data to apply pressure on both council and Thames Water to accept that there is financial hardship in the area, should that be the case.

Noggin will be requesting the following information on a weekly basis:

• Week on Week % change in sales.

• Year on Year % change in sales.

You may include or exclude VAT as you prefer, we just ask for consistency throughout.

How it works

Using your nominated email/mobile number, Noggin will contact you every Monday and ask for your latest % changes by close of businessWednesday.

We simply require a response with the week-on-week and year-on-year change. For example, by replying 13 -5 will tell us that you are up 13% vs last week, and down 5% vs last year on the same week.

The figures will then be analysed, with aggregated results provided to the BID and participants 

Contact us if you wish to participate info@stationtostation.london  




KIBA Branding

KIBA workshop, Mapping Opportunity Sites for Branding. KIBA Branding PDF icon kiba_mapping_opp._sites_for_branding.pdf

BID Area map

View the BID area here Image icon bid_area_map.jpg

Station to Station BID Proposal

PDF icon Our plans to create a Business Improvement District

Privacy Policy

This policy applies to both the Station to Station website and offline business directory and mailing list. PDF icon The BID's updated Privacy Policy


Our Programme


The BID will work with other organisations to promote West Norwood & Tulse Hill as a great place to shop and work.


The bid will make sure that West Norwood & Tulse Hill is always Welcoming and inviting to your staff, customers and clients.


The BID will work to make West Norwood & Tulse Hill A more successful and economical place to do business.


We will represent West Norwood and Tulse Hill's businesses to ensure our voice is heard, working in partnership with the Council, TfL and others.

Full details are available from our BID Proposal


Contact us

Station to Station are a passionate team working across a number of service areas such as Operational Support, Business Crime, Membership Services, Marketing, and much more.

The team develops programmes and services that aim to meet the proposed initiatives outlined in the business plan. 

We report to a Board of directors made up of 11 volunteers from local businesses. Nine of the Directors represent levy paying businesses across different sectors while two are representatives of Lambeth Council.

We'd like to invite Tulse Hill and West Norwood businesses to join our board! Get in touch, be part of the change you want to see.

To arrange a call or a meeting with the Station to Station team please email us:


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